Model 2354/D8

We added this model to our product line in the early seventies at the suggestion of a Swiss customer. Because the Swiss Railways used a very similar model, it became known as the “Swiss Railways door lever”. The form became famous through a concept by the architect Max Bill, who further developed this design for the Ulm College of Art. In 2009 our model was subjected to a sensitive redesign so that it satisfies the new criteria for escape door fittings.

Design:     GRUNDMANN (based on a concept for the Swiss Railway)







Can be combined with:

2304HA window pull
with 90° latch



F1-SAT = aluminium silver anodized satin finish

P-BE    = aluminium powder coated
E-SAT  = stainless steel satin finish
E-POL  = stainless steel extra-bright
Technical Details:
  WG4 Metal slide bearing (M)

  GEOS Ball bearing (K)
    Fire retardant according to DIN 18273FS
     Suited for emergency exit doors according to EN 179
Category of use grade 4 ÖNORM EN 1906
Models on request:
E-MS-PVD = stainless steel brass-coloured zircon-nitride coated