7x reliability in the Grundmann context

1. Grundmann manufactures within three days.

In 2005 we worked intensively on the introduction of «three-day production time» Implementation required precise analysis and optimization of all processes, complete restructuring of all production processes, and an even closer networking of all departments. An extensive task, a task in which all employees participated with such commitment that we have achieved something that date no other company in the industry has succeeded in doing: Products ordered leave our facilities within 3 workdays.


2. Grundmann offers optimum Service.

We believe that true quality begins where customer satisfaction starts. Therefore our service concept rests on 3 pillars: - Extensive information material that offers you a perfect basis for your work: meaningful, informative, and clear.
- Your personal Grundmann consultant  is at your service throughout Austria and in selected export markets. He will competently advise you in all issues concerning opening and closing.
- Also you can benefit from our in-house technical support (ext. 172) and logistical support (ext.123 and 231).

3. Grundmann offers custom-tailored Solutions.

As a small company, and thus an extremely vital and flexible company, we can also offer you the luxury of quick and non-bureaucratic implementation of unusual concepts. If you have special requirements please contact one of our technical consultants first. Our first step will be to check in our facility to determine whether we can satisfy your desires with the various base modules in our product line. This saves money because our product line can be combined in many more ways than we are able to show in our catalog. However if special manufacturing should be required or desired, then we would be pleased to create an appropriate quote for you.

4. Grundmann sets Standards.

Internationally the market offers a broad and diverse range of products. Meeting this diversity is a challenge and basically there is one thing that makes it possible: reliable standards for top quality.

Particularly for the safety-relevant products, such as anti-burglary fittings, or fittings for fire protection doors, standards represent protection for manufacturers as well as for clients. You will find detailed information on standards on the product-sites, where each product is appropriately identified.

5. Grundmann stands for quality brands.

GEOS, WG  and TAC are our are our top quality trademarks:

Different standards apply in each case, as do strict Austrian, German, and European norms. GEOS and WG not only satisfy these criteria, in many areas they offer performance that far exceeds these criteria. GEOS fittings exceed the activations required in the norms by a factor of 2.5.

6. Grundmann and functional design - this is our core competence.

The opportunity to participate in shaping part of our daily culture is both natural for a manufacturer of fittings and it is also a challenge. This is why Grundmann has cultivated a long-standing tradition of close collaboration with designers. It has always been our declared goal to introduce fittings to the market that are not trendy but rather modern, in the sense of sustainable formal quality.  

7. Grundmann, is quality «made in Austria».

Today, as in the past the name «Austria» has a good reputation in international competition. We are working on keeping it that way. Together with our staff we have been successful in developing a company concept that consistently relies on quality; the quality of the products, the quality of the design, and the quality of our service offerings. We are a team that goes to work with commitment and competence for our customers.

We are convinced that this is the right stamp of quality «made in Austria».

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