Brands made in Austria.


The brand GEOS – fittings ranging from door levers to door stops for the commercial and public sectors

GEOS stands for geometric design and safety, and since its introduction in 1973 it has become synonomous for functional and high-quality fittings in the commercial and public sectors. The brand's strength lies in the high-quality ball bearing and the numerous application possibilities of a design - from fire-resistant, anti-panic, to anti-burglary. And for some time the familiar round tube forms have been supplemented in the product line with numerous free-form designs from Austrian designers.


The WG brand - from elegant room doors to anti-burglary exterior applications.

Residential fittings from Grundmann are offered in 4 groups, Classic, Basic and Home-Office. Thus you will find fittings such as the legendary Elegant model, from the Viennese Gründerzeit (Age of Promotorism), as well as designs from contemporary designers like Gottfried Palatin, Michael Schaefer or Wolfgang Hints.

Different anti-burglary series are available to protect entrance areas; naturally they can be combined with all lever forms. This flexibility is one of the great strengths of the WG brand. 


The TAC brand - innovative access control

TAC stands for Transponder Access Control, contactless, battery-powered access control packaged in good design. TAC has primarily been developed for the office and hotel area and thus it is the ideal supplement for GEOS fittings for the commercial and public sectors.

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