A long story about opening and closing.

Wilhelm Grundmann

Business personalities caught up in the changes and strategic challenges of their time

In 1894 Wilhelm Grundmann (1851-1927) split up from his brothers and their joint company Grundmann Brothers in Herzogenburg, and founded his company in Rohrbach an der Gölsen in the lower Austrian Voralpenland with the name 'K.K.private Rohrbacher Schlosserwarenfabrik Wilh. Grundmann'.

As in many valleys in the Voralpen areas, the Gölsen valley also had small hammer mills that utilised the power of the streams. They did not survive the industrial revolution but left behind many experienced workers. Another positive factor was the new train line that led through the Triesting and Gölsen valleys, linking them to the south and western lines.

The new company rapidly profited from the Viennese expansion at the time and the resulting construction boom, while also supplying all the other countries in the then Austrian-Hungarian monarchy.



Carl Grundmann

A second factory in Romania

After the collapse of the monarchy and the disappearance of the large domestic market, new strategies had to be found. Carl Grundmann (1884-1955), the son of Wilhelm Grundmann, founded a branch in 1924 in Arad, Romania, the company 'Grundmann'sche Eisenwarenfabrik AG' employing around 100 people. The factory in Arad continued to supply the former crown states, amongst others with the model Elegant, which was added to the range in 1933. In 1945, the company in Arad became a public company. In 1948 the company in Rohrbach was almost destroyed in a large fire. However, it was decided to continue.


Trude Grundmann

The booming resorations years

Carl Grundmann's daughter, Trude Grundmann (1913-1981), a person with talent for people and trends, turned the company into a forefront company for locks and fittings, together with her director, Wolfgang Eichenauer.In 1957, the designer, graphic designer and friend of the company, Ernst Oskwarek, developed the model Favorit, the most successful model in the history of the Grundmann company.

It became the in-product of the resorations years in the 50s and 60s and at its peak held a market share of over 80% in Austria. A success story that today seems impossible due to the many designs and suppliers available.


Wolfgang Eichenauer

New trademarks build up the professional competence.

In the 70s important strategic product decisions were made to improve the competence of the company in technology and Quality: With the GEOS property fittings range introduced in 1974, new materials, bearings and special products helped develop competence in the property sector; co-operation with the Swiss company KESO from 1975 gave Wilh.Grundmann the experience required in the area of designing closing systems.

In 1981, the multiple-point lock MVS was designed, increasing the security competence of the company considerably and with the options of door holders and controlled hinge holders gave the company the name of being the 'Mercedes of multiple-point locks'.

After the death of Trude Grundmann, Wolfgang Eichenauer took over sole responsibility for the Company.

Mag. Lilly Gaschler

Back to the future

In 1993, Wolfgang Eichenauer's daughter, Lilly Gaschler, took over the business management

In 1997 Grundmann Beschlagtechnik was accredited according to DIN EN ISO 9001. One more step to turn the company towards Europe.

In 2011 the BFG Industrie Holding GmbH takes over the company Grundmann Beschlagtechnik GmbH.


Mag. PhDr. Peter Buchegger

The new company name

In the year 2000 the company name «Rohrbacher Schlosserwarenfabrik Wilh. Grundmann GmbH« was changed to «Grundmann Beschlagtechnik GmbH«. The well-known brands WG and GEOS were maintained. Thanks to this name change and the positioning as »Grundmann«, the enterprise could be positioned on the World Wide Web as »«.

A Minor Sensation: Grundmann offers 3-day production time

In 2005 a project with the titel „Pro-Fit“ was initiated. The aim of this project was to reduce the production times of 95% of all goods delivered. In order to achieve the aim all production processes were precisely analysed and optimised. Together with the new and completely restructured and redesigned catalogue for 2006/07 the new production time became public. Now all standard products will be shipped from the company premises 3 days after the company receives an order.

The magic word is TAC

In order to also score in the mechatronic world of opening and closing Grundmann started in the year 2006 with the TAC transponder locking system and thus provides a decisive impetus in the direction of innovative access control. Thus the area of opening and closing will continue to be Grundmann's core competence and Passion.


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