Grundmann is a dynamic organisation with a long tradition in production of high quality locks, fittings and mechatronic locking systems. Our employees are a key-factor for business-success and therefore play an important role concerning quality of our products, environmental protection and occupational safety.

Commitment to quality, the environment and occupational safety measures goes beyond legal compliance and is represented by the management Systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SCC**. Grundmann aims high to improve quality, minimize environmental impacts in the company and along the whole supply chain and to improve occupational health and safety.

The products are developed according to customer demands. Our product-lines are tested permanently to secure highest quality and products are adapted to market changes. By setting environmental goals every year Grundmann contributes to protect the natural and living environment.

Environmental protection starts with selection of raw material with regard to sustainability aspects. Circular flow economy is fostered in production to reduce rejects and waste and to facilitate in-house recycling. Furthermore environmental impacts are considered and minimized in the whole production process. By concentration of sites in Hainfeld transport and transport caused emissions had been reduced.

Workplaces had been adapted to latest ergonomic findings and under consideration of all job security regulations. Early recognition of potential risks is important to avoid accidents at work and contributes to employees’ general security and reduction of number of staff away sick or injured.

The process of continual improvement is always in focus of management decisions and is considered in daily work of each employee. The employees experience a comprehensive occupational and practice-oriented education and training to be prepared for future challenges.


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