Serie ZAS-K | Schild 5700 | plug protection

Good design and an extensive selection of exterior backplates in different materials and designs are typical for the anti-burglary Series ZAS. The Model 5700 that is shown on this page is an excellent match for functional, linear lever handle forms. And like all ZAS Series backplates it can now be used for escape doors in accordance with EN 179.







Can be combined with:

Model 700 PalatinZwei
Model 752/D70/55Z F1-SAT



F1-SAT = aluminium silver anodized satin finish
F2 = aluminium new silver anodized

Technical Details:
     Fire retardant according to ÖNORM B 3859
Category of use grade 4 ÖNORM EN 1906
  Checked ÖNORM B 5351-WB3
     Fire retardant according to DIN 18273FS
     Suited for emergency exit doors according to EN 179

Models on request:
MS = brass extra-bright
MS-N = brass extra-bright unlacquered
MS-Cr = brass chrome plated
MS-Cr-SAT = brass chrome plated satin finish
E-POL = stainless steel extra-bright
E-SAT = stainless steel satin finish

Download this file (10_Series_ZAS_K__01.pdf)10_Series_ZAS_K__01.pdf183 kB

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