What means GEOS?




 What means GEOS?

GEOS was introduced in the early 70s and stands for the concepts «GEOmetric design and Safety». The product line includes door and window fittings, fittings for special implementation areas such as escape doors, tunnel doors or slaughterhouse doors, and a special line of products for people with special needs. Additional products like wardrobe hooks, doors stops, and high-stress locks round out the commercial building product line.


WG4 - the new brand for commercial Fittings.

WG4 is the new commercial brand, which is offered as an alternative to the well-established GEOS brand. ‘WG’ stands for Grundmann’s quality and 3-day production time and the ‘4’ guarantees that the fittings correspond to user category 4 of EN 1906.  

The WG4 friction bearing made of brass is an advancement of the GEOS bearings that have been sold successfully for years. WG4 is anything but wet behind the ears - only the prices are new, which keep a discreet distance to GEOS.




















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